How Can We Do Live Broadcast With Google Hangouts On Air?


Besides chatting , video calls and taking photoes, you can publish your live broadcast videos throughout the World. In order to do this, firstly, you need to have a Google account. If you do not have a Google account you can have one from here.

After you login with yoour Google account, download Hangout addition. You can download it from here:
In order to load the plugin directly to your computers–>
For your tablet computers and android phones –>
At iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch–>
Note: After you download and set up the login you need to let Hangout at the top of your scanner. This staff changes according to your scanner. This application Works best with Google chrome.

After you download the addition and set it you can start to live broadcast.Click to make a live broadcast:

Invite some other Google accounts and give a name to your Hangout broadcasting. At the next step you need to accept service coditions in order to connect Youtube. Lastly, click on the “starting broadcast “ button. In a while you can see your live broadcast on youtube, on your Google+ profile or on a web page that has this features. In other words Hangouts records the live broadcast outomatically on Youtube. That means you can share your videos to your friends all over the World.

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