The New Target of Hackers: Gmail

Google’s Gmail e-mail service, which has managed to become the new favorite of hackers. Hackers were determined that they use a different method to overcome the two-step verification method that has Gmail.

Google’s successful email service, Gmail, is unpopular in terms of ease of use and accessibility of the groove.

But now it seems; Gmail does not represent only the interests of users. Increasing the number of users with additional security measures provided by Google for Gmail, which has become the target of hackers available.

At the top of the two-step verification process is coming. Foreign verification code sent to your phone by SMS when you try to log in from a device and you can access your account if you enter this code.

But, unfortunately, bad-intentioned people have devised a method to this system. That looks like it’s coming from an SMS with your Google account is not safe, and they want you to write code to your device to lock your account temporarily.

If you write code, you have fallen into the trap of hackers and you allow hackers to access your account.

The human factor is the weakest link in the security have to be careful against the target of hackers.

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